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Specialist Window Cleaning & Pure H2O Cleaning Solutions across London, Hertfordshire and Essex

  • Specialist Window Cleaning in Essex and London

    Specialist Window Cleaning in London, Hertfordshire and Essex

  • Cleaned windows by UCthedifference

    Cleaned windows by UCthedifference

  • High building windows cleaned by UCthedifference

    Reaching up to 6 floors high

Hello, welcome to the UCthedifference website

UCthedifference Van

UCthedifference Specialist Window Cleaning & Pure H20 Cleaning Solutions provides High Quality Window Cleaning services in the London, Hertfordshire and Essex areas.

UCthedifference Van

Here at UCthedifference you really will see the difference with 20 years experience within the window cleaning Industry your windows and your Pure H2O Cleaning requirements are in experienced hands. UCthedifference provides High Quality Window Cleaning and Pure H2O Cleaning Solutions for Block Management Companies, Commercial Sites/Outlets, Offices and Residential Window Cleaning for houses and apartments within the coverage area.

Here at UCthedifference we recognise the importance of being able to offer a Professional Window Cleaning service to our clients and operate by appointment only, once you choose UCthedifference your site or property will be viewed and a tailor made Cleaning Solution will be created for your individual requirements, UCthedifference will determine the best and safest way to provide a Quality Window Cleaning service for you. 

The Thermo-Pure H2O Reach & Wash Cleaning System can reach heights of up to 6 floors, which in return eliminates the use of ladders or powered access equipment, this method of cleaning provides the safest working environment for the client and the pole operator, UCthedifference are able to clean windows and surrounding framework and many different surfaces to a spot free finish from the safety of the ground.

The Thermo-Pure H2O Reach & Wash Cleaning System is of the Highest Quality and will deliver Quality Cleaning results. However, we recognise not all windows can be cleaned using this method, therefore there is always a place for a Professional Traditional Window Cleaning Service to ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

UCthedifference Van