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Specialist Window Cleaning & Pure H2O Cleaning Solutions across London, Hertfordshire and Essex

Reach & Wash Thermo-Pure H2O Cleaning System

UCthedifference has evolved with the Window Cleaning Industry in the past 20 years, as new Health & Safety regulations have been enforced within the Industry the water-fed pole is definitely here to stay. The Thermo-Pure H2O Reach & Wash Cleaning System is the safest way to clean windows at Height and eliminates the use of ladders and access equipment.

The high grade purified water can be produced from within the vehicle using Ionic filters, it's then pumped directly from the vehicle system through hose pipes directly to the pole operator. The pole operator then extends the carbon fibre poles to the Cleaning Surface, the purified water is then delivered through a specialist brush head to clean the surface to a spot free finish (providing there is not any paint or builders debris that is on the windows or cleaning surface).

Once the windows and surrounding framework have been cleaned properly, the windows are left to dry naturally to a spot free finish. In order to achieve High Quality Cleaning results the water needs to go through a series of specialist filters to eradicate any impurities that is in normal tap water to produce purified water.

Purified water is considered one of the best environmentally friendly cleaning methods in modern day window cleaning and cleaning. The Thermo-Pure H2O Cleaning System allows you to heat the purified water, once the purified water is heated it cuts through industrial grime and cleans quicker and leaves an even better cleaned surface by far.

4 story window clean Reach & Wash Thermo-Pure H2O Cleaning

The Benefits To Using The Thermo-Pure H2O Reach & Wash Cleaning System

  • Eliminates the use of ladders and access equipment
  • Reaches windows and cleaning surfaces up to 6 floors
  • Heated Purified Water is better than cold purified water
  • Health & Safety Approved – insurance friendly
  • Privacy friendly - no more faces appearing at the 2nd or 3rd floor windows
  • No more ladder holes in the ground – Lawn friendly -  no need for heavy access equipment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Windows stay cleaner for longer because no detergent residue is left on the cleaning surface
  • Windows and surrounding framework cleaned together to achieve the satisfaction you require and deserve
Reach & Wash Thermo-Pure H2O Cleaning
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