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Specialist Window Cleaning & Pure H2O Cleaning Solutions across London, Hertfordshire and Essex

Window Cleaning

Traditional Professional Window Cleaning

UCthedifference prides itself on Excellence and 100% customer satisfaction, although The Thermo-Pure Reach & Wash System is the best Cleaning System in the Window Cleaning Industry, there will always be a place for the squeegee and applicator, not all windows are Reach & Wash Friendly and the need to clean them with a squeegee and applicator or a micro cloth still sometimes achieves the best cleaning results, for example leaded windows, windows with powder coated frames and generally older style windows.

All Internal windows and glass are cleaned using the Traditional method, UCthedifference prides itself on high quality Internal Window Cleaning and always ensures the Internal Windows and glass are cleaned to the highest standard to ensure customer satisfaction. Cleaning Internal Windows and glass to such high standards really does compliment the High Quality cleaning on the outside of the premises. You really will see the difference. 

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